Who We Are

The Reverence Project (TRP) is a local organization with a global agenda, with a mission to provide innovative community-centric services to survivors of crime through healing centered engagement, shared safety advocacy, and community leadership training.

TRP’s vision is to shift the current social philosophical culture of shame, guilt, fear and violence to a loving culture that embraces healing through truth, compassion, forgiveness and a deeply internalized reverence for the spirit of humanity.

What We Do

  • Information Referrals
  • Personal Advocacy/ Accompaniment
  • Emotional Support or Safety Services
  • Linkage to Shelter/Housing Services
  • Criminal/Civil Justice System Assistance
  • Policy/System Advocacy
  • Leadership Development

Video Playlist

Survivor Speaks Radio

Contact Us

Contact Us

Address: 1673 E. 108th Street, Los Angeles CA 90059

Tel: 323-537-2285

Email: info@reverenceproject.org